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We strongly believe that there is real opportunity for broad value creation beyond your first layer of return on investment and want to help you identify and pursue it with focus, vigor and success. With a compelling and clear vision, you can earn greater support, gain energy and momentum on your venture or initiative where it didn’t exist before, and become a catalytic force within the world around your work.  Seeing the big picture just as clearly as the details makes a huge difference.  We will support you in:

•    Clearly refining or defining a powerful Mission and Vision both organizationally and for specific projects.  We will support you in determining where the ship you are captaining is going; in ensuring that it is an irresistible place to end up; and in gaining deep ownership of the vision and mission in a way that inspires and compels your team, your partners and the community to enthusiastically hop aboard and stay aboard!). 

•    Course Setting driven by your Vision to clearly define what success looks like along the way and to keep your allocations of time, energy and resources focused and firmly tied to your mission and vision. We will equip you to develop a balanced scorecard - the objective, qualitative and quantitative measures of your venture, project, or initiative’s success (the organizational metrics that will demonstrate progress along the way).

•    Designing dynamic strategies that when executed, will propel your work forward with real momentum and guide all allocations of time, energy and resources.